Welcome to my blog!

JACOCOloko at the beachI am a self proclaimed 20-ish dork, turning 30 in few years. I am a Marketing Professional who worked in food and beverage industry. But now I am working for an agency dealing with brands in increasing their digital footprint. I love watching bizarre facts in Youtube. I binge watch documentaries about nature and science which reminds me of my secret dream of working for NatGeo. It blows my mind to watch cooking and travel shows. But above all, it fascinates me to meet new people and to listen to their unique stories.

I made this blog in 2012 but didn’t write anything until 2016. It started with a friend who pushed me to make this since, at least for her, I have lots of interesting stories to tell. So after 4 years of battling procrastination, finally a blank site to a “blog” site!

Why JACOCOloko? Doesn’t mean so much, no meaning at all. Maybe it sounds more of my nickname. And, maybe because it makes me smile to say the JACOCOloko word. Well, with my blog, hope you feel the same way, too!

JACOCOloko logo: Transports graphic by Graphicsbay from Flaticon is licensed under CC BY 3.0. Made with Logo Maker


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